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Hands down, to me, Florence is Italy’s most magical city and in a country with a gorgeous winding road that leads you down a preserved path of history, or a rolling hill, or a stunning beach or incredible wine literally at every corner, how can I possibly choose a ‘most magical?’ 


Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I should say that Florence holds a special place in my heart after I had the opportunity to live there for a couple of months straight out of high school. It was my first big solo adventure - I got a little apartment streets away from Piazza Santo Spirito and went to an Italian language school to try my hand at the stunning romantic language. It remains one of the most treasured experiences of my life...even if I did meet a big group of American students and speak English for nearly the whole time and therefore leave with limited language skills at best...whoops (very worth it...those Americans remain some of my very best friends today and you’ll see them all over this blog). 


My Italian language skills may exist on a scale of weak to non-existent depending on the complexity but living there means that this city will forever have my heart as my first stomping grounds as a young independent traveller, engaging in the local scene of florence, indulging in the incredible foods and wines and taking as many trips to nearby surrounds as possible.


I’ve gone back to Florence a number of times since - once you see the sun sparkle on the Arno, and stand at what feels like the top of old Europe at Piazzale Michelangelo, you’ll know why.

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Things to know before you start booking to help you plan an easy, seamless trip to Florence packed with fun. 



There is so many incredible restaurants and food vendors in Florence that fitting all those flavours into one trip may just be impossible...all the more reason to keep on going back! 


Here is a guide to just some of my fav go-tos whenever I'm in the city



Florence is packed with things to do and checking out your regular to do guides will have you in museums for days because Florence is very well endowed in the Art department. Whilst I definitely recommend going to one or some of the museums, here is the rest of my must do list including views, day trips, e-cars and segways!


Not sure which hotel to stay in, or even which area to start looking in. I've broken down the old town of Florence into areas to help your search and made a couple of accommodation suggestions along the way.

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