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hi! i'm carly 

First off, thank you so much for stopping by Through My Sunnies!

I wanted to introduce myself properly so that you could get to know me and decide for yourself if we are similar travellers and therefore, whether my tips and suggestions will work for you. The best thing about most everywhere I have been is that there are a million things to experience and ways to go about each of these places. So my guides are just a single opinion based on what did or did not work for me, and I hope that they can help to make your planning easier as you prepare for your next adventure. 

So, About Me...

I'm based in Sydney, Australia where I was born and raised

(I felt this was important to kick off with because I wanted to explain the abbreviation to ' Sunnies' from Aussies abbreviate everything and like to keep things casual...I'm mentioning this so that you know the tone of my site...we are all friends here and so I'll be writing to you as such!) 

As well as being a mad travel lover, my other main passion is theatre. I am a Director and Producer, as well as a theatre reviewer which has given me years to practice critiquing and writing about my experiences. I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to write about theatre in cities around the world...but now I want to extend that to write about the world too!!

I believe there are definitely 'types' of travellers and I am 'the planner.' 

I love to research to the nth degree and find the most unique experiences that I can in each city. I'm at the point in my travels now too where I love to go off the beaten track whenever possible.


I will always try to find a show or a cultural performance in each city I am in, or tour the theatre if there is one on my must see list.


I LOVE good restaurants and though I am not a chef (like, I don't even really like going into my kitchen at home), I love foodie experiences, cooking classes and culinary tours.


I do love a bit of 'kitsch' if it makes the experience, and don't take myself too seriously so am always happy to do something for a good laugh.


I'm not a huge fan of large group tours anymore...I used to like them but the more I travel, the more eager I have become to get off the tourist path (even if still doing touristy things) and meet the locals as much as possible.

I'm a city girl - that said though, I love anything and everything to do with the water as well. My favourite city in the world is New York but that is largely to do with it being the home of Broadway and so I go to NYC at least once a year, usually more. I've been lucky to visit over 40 countries so far and of those, whilst I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite, Italy would be right up there, with Japan, Hungary and of course the US close behind. 

I like to challenge myself and this blog is my commitment to doing just that - to doing things beyond my comfort zone and to extended my hobbies to new heights. 

I wanted to start this blog because as I looked through a myriad of other blogs and vlogs during the Covid-19 time, I realised, in the beauty and wonder of picture-perfect blogs, many of each city's cultural gems are often being overlooked in favour of the perfect insta spot. Now don't get me wrong...I'm all for a great photo op! But as a bit of a history junkie, and as a MASSIVE culture nerd, my itinerary when I hit a city is well researched and meticulously planned to ensure that no cultural stone will go unturned...and no super cute photo op missed. 

Sunglasses are my staple 'never-leave-home' without item and my only major fashion weakness...I adore sunnies and seemingly buckle and add a new pair to my collection on every trip I go on!

So it seemed only right that if I were to share the world as I see it, you should see it all

Through My Sunnies

x C

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Kicking things off during Covid-19 has meant starting things off a little differently. Have a read...

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I definitely hope so! 

With thousands of travel bloggers out there, I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from this blog so that you know if it is right for you and if these are the tips to make your trip =). 

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