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Is this the blog for you? I hope so!!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I know that there are so many travel blogs out there that you can choose to get your tips, tricks, suggestions and guides from. Truth be told, everyone likes something a little bit different and so whilst I hope I'll be able to provide the perfect advice for many of you, I know it won't be everyone and that's ok! My goal in writing these blogs is to ultimately help you plan your perfect trip because I truly believe that there is just so much out there waiting to be explored and that we are all richer for having the chance to experience any part of it!

So, some things you should know about my style of travel, or about me, to help you decide if you'll like my tips. If any of this sounds like you or something that you'd like, you're in the right place!

1. As much as I'm trying to get better at being the 'instagrammer/blogger' type, that's just not really me...I'm very goofy! I'm terrible at posing for pictures and you will find lots more photos of me laughing or being silly than of...well most other things. So, this may not be your go-to blog for perfectly designed and edited, aesthetically pleasing fact, I can guarantee it won't be. There are lots of photographer/traveller blogs out there much better at that than me. I'm silly, I laugh a lot and I like to have a good time wherever I am.

Laughing my head off at Lake Bled

2. I'm up for nearly anything - I'm happy to give most anything a try at least. I do have preferences - I love anything and everything to do with the water - beautiful pools (oooo, this is a serious weakness of mine - love!), time on boats of any size or description, watersports, gorgeous islands or beaches, etc. I really like road trips...the more stops the better. I'm less mad on hiking, have no burning desire to bungee jump or skydive and wouldn't choose to play sports on the regular but I'm keen to try. So, if you also like nice pools, water activities or road trips - stick around this blog, I'll have plenty of content for you!

Cruising around on Lake Halstatt

3. I believe that whenever you repeat visit a city, you should always see or do 2 new things minimum. For example, I go to New York twice a year and each time I make sure to add at least 2 new things to my list of things I've done there to ensure that every time feels fresh and unique. This is my rule for any city I re-visit and I love that it really pushes me to see so much more. So, if you're the sort of person who repeat travels for pleasure or business and is always looking for an extra activity or two to make the journey unique, I think this blog may just be for you! Whether it's just the inspiration to go looking, or we are visiting the same cities and I can help you out, making your return visits as special as your first time is important no matter what - this blog is here for that!

On an AWESOME food tour through Brooklyn

4 .There is so much to learn from other travellers. Talk to everyone willing to talk back, you never know where you'll meet the very best of friends. There is even more to learn from the locals of any region you visit. Anyone that you can spend time with and learn from will enrich your journey in ways that the tourist books will never be able to tell you about. I'm a chatter (good time to remind you that I'm Aussie...and an only child...we talk to everyone!) - be prepared through this blog to read plenty of stories of all the great people I met along the way.

We met travelling in 2012. Here is us still travelling together in 2018

5. I love to travel with friends and with family and I also travel alone. I will definitely try to introduce you to those I'm travelling with through my blogs along the way so that my friends and family can feel like your friends and family too. My friends and family will be contributing blogs along the way as well and each offer a totally unique look into travel as well. From city lovers, to the nature obsessed, from travel as a single parent, to solo female travel, to travelling with your whole family, we are going to be covering it all!

This is my mum =). We love to travel together...yes, we look the same!

6. I'm definitely a bit of a nerd. As well as theatre which I've already told you that I love, I also really like learning about history - particularly war time history from modern wars (WWI-today) and how each country was brought into wars and then how they responded. I like art, though prefer performative art to visual arts, but still try to see art that cities are very famous for when visiting - I prefer Impressionist works so don't be surprised to see galleries or museums will a solid collection of those works featured over purely Classics. I really like modern art and street art and I love dance so they will definitely be featured! So, if you're looking for a blog not afraid to record their nerdiness for all time, welcome! Prepare for posts about theatre, museums, war memorials, interesting histories, cultural experiences, stories of heritage, galleries and more. If this isn't for you, they'll be well marked so you can skip that read =).

Stalin's Boots at Memento Park in Budapest

7. I LOVE palaces - love them! I can tour them all day long! I also find shrines and temples particularly interesting as the cultural and religious significance is very different from what I was raised with and I love learning more. Though not religious, I am always interested in learning more about particularly special houses of faith, and of course, places of substantial cultural significance.

Heading into Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

8. I'm no longer interested in 'ticking the boxes' when I go somewhere - I'd rather not see everything but see it all with time and meaningfully than rush through to see it all. Slower travel is my preference whenever possible.

9. I love hotels. Love them! A good hotel to me is a make or break for a good holiday. At this stage of my blogging journey I won't be mentioning any of the wildly expensive, super lux, ultra 7 star hotels...sadly, the budget doesn't stretch that far! However, I am more likely to recommend hotels in cities that I write about on future trips than I am to write about things like house-swaps, camping or even apartment rentals. All of that said, if the opportunity to write about any of those adventures comes up, I'll be there! But at the moment, you should know that hotels are generally my accommodation preference and that it is very unlikely that I would choose camping except in a desert or glamping environment.

My sneaky private pool at the Dana Villas in Santorini with this view...heaven!

10. The more unique the better! Unusual or themed hotel, I'm in! Unconventional mode of transport, you've got me! Again, themed restaurants, I'm already booking! Anything a bit left of the ordinary, I am 100% behind that idea!

So they are my travel preferences in a nutshell and if you have similar interests to me, I hope that this is the blog for you. I'm going to stop there before this feels like a profile for a dating site rather than what it is intended to be which is an opportunity for you to get to know me a bit better beyond the classic 'about me' section of a website hahaha.

Follow me on instagram @throughmysunnies_ to get to know more about me on a day to day.

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