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Not all Photos are Alike - Starting a Blog During Covid-19

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

If you’ve looked closely enough at any of the pictures across the website and instagram account, you may have noticed a slight age variation amongst the, I just wanted to take a moment to address that quickly in the interest of full disclosure.

Though I have wanted to start a blog for years, I have decided to do it in the time of Covid-19 shut downs where jumping out and about in the world and taking new photos is slightly challenging...well, let’s be frank, it’s totally prohibited at the time of writing this.

See, I told you I've been thinking of it for a long time!

As I have had the wonderful privilege of travelling the world for years, I have collected thousands of photos of memories from around the world so I have been editing those up and will be sharing them with you all until such time as I can get out and about to create new memories and take new, perhaps more ‘instagram worthy’ photos.

The photos I am sharing now though are snapshots of some of my most treasured memories, many of which I will be writing about in blog posts to come. Since 2012 I have made travel a priority in my life, ensuring that every year international and domestic travel could be worked into both my timetable and budget. I used every university break through both my degrees, every day of annual leave, and every $ earned from working many jobs to go and explore as much as I could.

So, forgive me for the sometimes less than ‘insta-pro’ status of some of these photos...instead, I hope you look at them with the smiles with which they are delivered.

Here are some of the pieces of my life over the last 8 years and journeys that have taken me from the islands of Greece, to the buzzing metropolises of New York and Bangkok, to a community in rural Cambodia, to the cobblestones of Italy, to the tour of my roots in Hungary and so many many other places.

Thanks for coming on board this journey with me. It’s already been a wonderful ride...and it’s only the beginning.

Taking photos in Florence in 2018

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