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I'm an Aussie girl so this is technically my stomping ground. That said, Australia's size is very often underestimated and the only thing larger than it's space is it's diversity - we have everything from harsh outback desert landscape, to stunning crystal clear beaches, our reefs are world-famous and our harbours glisten.

I'm painting this romantic picture because over the last few years I've started to travel within Australia a bit more and I've realised what treasure we have here. However, I really have yet to see so much of what makes this country totally unique and I cannot wait to continue to explore more. 

As far as 'local tips,' I'm from and have always lived in Sydney so that's where I can truly help you out =)

I have though been travelling to some of these other cities often all my life so I'll be sure to give as many tips as I possibly can and I hope whether you're an Aussie also travelling domestically or whether you're coming from abroad, these tips and suggestions help you to have the best time visiting our beautiful country! 

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Around SYD/NSW



Where I've Been


  • Sydney and Surrounds (NSW)

  • Melbourne

  • Adelaide 

  • The Gold Coast

  • Noosa

  • Cairns

  • The Great Barrier Reef

  • Uluru

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