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To me, there is no place quite as relaxing as the islands of Hawai'i. Returning often, we now have our favourite restaurants, our favourite beaches, our favourite places, etc and so there is an amazing sense of familiarity, particularly on Oahu, despite being so far from home. 

I have loved the Hawaiian culture since we first started travelling to Hawai'i when I was just a child. I love the respect to old custom, the sanctity of movement and rhythm and the purposefulness of each tradition. I also love the island culture - everything is laid back and so happy! Yes, Honolulu is now becoming a lot more commercialised but look beyond that and you'll find a series of islands filled with the most welcoming locals, interesting histories and respect of nature, and truly the most stunning setting imaginable. 

Take me back to Hawai'i please! I'm ready always!!

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My check list for all the must see attractions in Honolulu to enjoy whilst you're there...still ensuring that plenty of time is left to be right by the pool/on the beach where you should be, relaxing. 


There are so many restaurants now in Honolulu and down by Waikiki Beach. Here is my guide on where to eat whilst visiting the island. 

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