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New york

This city is my home away from home.

I love it more than any other in the dozens I have been fortunate to travel to. Not because it is the nicest, the most beautiful, the cleanest, the, it's probably not the city you think of for any of those categories. But to me, New York is the city of dreams. It is the city I feel most inspired by, the city that, after my 20+ visit can still fill my eyes with tears as I just walk down the street, just knowing I'm back, the city that can inspire me and make me think bigger. 

And if none of that is true for you, well it's home to Broadway - and for me, that's the best place on earth. 

I'll be updating this page often, I have a lot to write about and will write and write until I ensure I've covered everything that I love about this city for you to enjoy too! All in good time. 

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When I'm in New York I see 8-9 shows at the theatre a week and so, it goes without saying, I spend a lot of my time in Midtown. Midtown has a bad reputation as being nothing more than 'touristy' so I have dedicated my first 3 NYC blogs just to this area and all that there is to do there! Enjoy!!


This one is all about food and I have something on here for all budgets and for all occasions - whether that's a luxe dinner out or a delicious slice of pizza. NYC has it all...and it's all there for you in Midtown!

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Midtown is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole world. So where should you stay to make sure you're part of the action? 

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