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Venice Can be Expensive...Here's an Idea

Venice can be expensive and one of the way's to get around some of the hidden expenses (for example, the 1.50 euro it costs to use the public bathrooms, etc) used to be the Venice City Card. In recent years, the name of the card has changed and it has become harder to find but if you find it, getting this card can save you quite a bit of money.

I'll point out that I have absolutely no affiliation to this company or this card. I just have been a tourist in this city a number of times and I think that Venice can get unnecessarily expensive.

As such, I thought I would write a quick blog to tell you about the new version of the Old City Card which is now called the Venice Unica Card.

First thing to know about this card is that there are two versions - one for tourists who are there for a shorter stay and one for long term stays or frequent visitors. I haven't done research into that one as yet and this blog is just about the short term stay card. I have not yet personally used it but a quick google search of prices and knowing what it cost me to be in Venice last year (and the 7 other times I have been), I would definitely suggest that this is worth considering.

How will you know if this is right for you? Whilst the facility part of the card is good, my opinion of the card is that it is pretty reliant on you wanting to do some sightseeing at the big attractions.

Here is the link to check out the card and to purchase one for yourself.

You'll see that it is very much a custom built card in that you pick when you will be activating which parts and also what you want to include and what you want to skip. That is a feature that I do quite like about it because I know I have overlooked a number of cards because there are too many inclusions that are things I would never have paid for anyway as I wouldn't be interested in doing that tour. As such, I'm not really saving any money by buying it...this is not one of those cards it would seem.

What can you include on your card? You custom build your card and can include the following:

A Tourist City Pass (includes Doge's Palace, 14 Church Chorus Circuit and the Jewish Museum) - Ages 18+ would add 24.90 euro to their card, ages 6-17 would add 15.40 euro to their card for this addition. Note: The Doge's Palace is timed (11am or 3pm) on whichever day you choose to activate.

Individual Attractions:

Note: Check the opening days of each of these attractions BEFORE adding them to your ticket as many are not open 7 days a week and this will impact your ability to visit them depending on what days you are in Venice.

Public Transport

There are a number of different public transport options that you can choose to add depending on how you will be arriving to Venice and how you intend to travel around. There are also tickets for organised groups of students or seniors. There are connections to the airport and to the cruise terminal, as well as the islands and more.

With so many options, the best is to visit the site and add what is most suitable for you. As an indication of prices,

I have listed only one type which is the ACTV Time Limited Tickets which includes Public Transport in Venice, on the islands and the mainland by vaporetto and bus):

  • 1 Day of Transport - add 20 euro

  • 2 Days of Transport - add 30 euro

  • 3 Days of Transport - add 40 euro

  • 7 Days of Transport - add 60 euro


  • Parking at Piazzale Roma Car Park - add 12 euro for 20 hours

  • Parking at Piazzale Roma Car Park - add 15 euro night rate - 5pm to 5am

  • Parking at Piazzale Rome Carp Park - add 23.40 euro for 24 hours

  • Public Toilets - add 3 euro for 3 admissions (barcode entry)

  • Public Toilets - add 9 euro for 7 admissions (barcode entry)

  • Wifi Connection - add 5 euro for 24 hours

  • Wifi Connection - add 15 euro for 72 hours

  • Wifi Connection add 20 euro for 7 days

Note: Public bathrooms cost 1.50 euro in Venice so if you choose not to add this to your card, you will want to make sure to have change with you as they often do not have change dispensers there. Even some of the museums and galleries charge for restroom use.

I hope this information helps you save a little bit of money on the little things in Venice so that you can spend more enjoying yourself and making the most of your time in this beautiful and totally unique Italian city.

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